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Welcome to my sculpture site!

This site contains photos and information about my sculpture. As you will see,
I work in steel, terracotta clay, bronze, and other materials.

I do realistic pieces of sculpture, as well as  abstactions from reality which 

reflect the lines, angles, flow, and curves that I see in people and nature.

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Pictures of stainless sculptures from my 2012 show in Kent are in "Large Abstracts"

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What am I trying to convey with my sculpture?




Through my sculpture I aim to express the rhythm, drama and flow of human existence, using both figurative and abstract forms. My sculptures evolve as they are created, leading to unexpected discovery and dynamic expression. I try to stimulate emotional responses to my work, and I feel my sculpture is effective to the extent it is pleasurable, interesting or provocative to the viewer. 


Here are some pictures of sculptures in my summer 2012 Show at the Kent Art Association:





              Shared Belief:




Dance of Dreams:




What have I been creating recently ?

I have done a few commissions over the last year that are mostly similar to my past work........But I have also been reaching out in different directions.  Always looking for new materials to use in my sculpture, I started working with steel washers......yes, those little metal "lifesavers" you can buy in large boxes at Home Depot.  I first built a resin and washer figure over a steel armature which I have called "Inner Spirit."



Then I moved to welded sculpture using the washers. I have done both abstract and figurative pieces.



                                     Soaring Vision



                              Celestial  Flow

As a result of the natural openings in the washers as well as the patterns I have used in joining them, there is an attractive airy quality to these sculptures. Here's "Natural Joy" :



These figures are about 85% of lifesize.  For these sculptures I have coated the washers with a bronze patina. I call this one "Ethereal Dream":




Meanwhile I have also been trying out stainless steel.  The painted outdoor pieces I have created in the past require regular maintenance. After doing some research I have decided than stainless steel is a good option, though it is more expensive and somewhat harder to cut and weld. It will remain attractive outdoors with only some occasional general cleaning.  Here is a five foot piece I have dubbed "Wandering Thoughts" :             



And here is a seven foot stainless version of a wood sculpture I did a couple of year's ago that I've called "Toss Up" :



I expect to continue to work with stainless steel and washers ..... and who knows what else may be next !