Dramatic Sculptural Pieces

These sculptures make beautiful and dramatic statements, and work well with any decor.

I would be glad to provide details regarding the size ,material,  patina (finish), price (if available) or other details for any of the sculpture  pieces on this website.

Commissions are also available to meet your individual needs.

 You can e-mail me at hillsculpt@gmail.com

Large Steel Sculpture - At Least Four Feet Tall



    Mutual Attraction     


       Connection                      War and Peace


            Fragile Peace


     Evening Spirits                                                          Glorious Revival


Outdoor Sculpture


Shared Dream                                              Ethereal Bliss



     Toss Up ( Stainless )                                           Wandering Thoughts



                     Balance of Power                                   Natural  Harmony



            Ring Revolution                                        Evening Rhythm 


                Unknown Dimension                              Synapse in Snow 



Large Steel Wall-Hung Sculpture

Wall sculpture installed in hospital:     


              Caring Embrace                          Cycle of Care


        Eternal Spring  (Dulles Installation)


                Concerto                                    Time Flies


                 Graceful Flare

Welcome Breeze- Dulles Lobby