Dancers and Other Expressions of Flow


Dancers naturally demonstrate rhythm and flow.

The first two dancing figures are made from fired terracotta.

The third dancer, "Joy of Spring" has been cast in bronze. Bronze casting is a complex multi-stage process. As a simplified description, it involves building  molds from an original piece, and from them, creating a wax replica.  Around the wax is built another set of molds. Then molten bronze is poured in the molds,  melting the wax out of the mold and replacing it with bronze, producing the replica. 


Figure studies show the curves and flow of the human body.


The seated figure on the right is cast in bronze, but unlike the bronze dancer above, it has a vertigris patina. The patina is achieved by applying various chemical treatments to the bronze metal.


Flow is of course evident in animals, and can also be expressed in abstract and other forms.


The abstract forms here are made from steel, and the horse was created using steel, hydrostone and steel resin, with bronze coating.

Dancing Figures


   Dancers:  Joie de Vivre                                 Caprice


                  Joy of Spring (cast in bronze)  


More Figures



      Natural Joy (wall hanging)

             Leap of Faith

       Natural Flow




More Flow


    Ethereal Dream                                                    Celestial Messenger


            Revolution (steel)......               ........Earth Maiden.....


   In and Out                                           High Plains Challenger